Walorski Questions DoD Officials on Russian Airstrikes in Syria

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WASHINGTON D.C. – Rep. Jackie Walorski earlier today in a House Armed Services Committee hearing questioned senior Department of Defense (DOD) officials on reports that earlier this morning, Russia has conducted its first airstrike against ISIS in Syria.

“I am wondering with the events that occurred today with an overaggressive Russia, how in the world do we move forward with talking about peer competitors and sharing intel information and trusting anything with Putin in Russia,” Walorski asked. “It seems that Putin is using a phenomenal moment of opportunity to go and be another major push in Syria and the alarm I think, not only for lawmakers today, but for I think the citizens of our country that we are vowing to protect is that he has now established himself now in Syria, in the Middle East…Today we are watching a live bombing and from your perspective and the administration’s position they expected that. I and the American people were not expecting that.”

Watch the full clip here

The House Armed Services Committee hearing, “Implementing the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy” included witnesses the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Robert O. Work, Commander of the US Cyber Command, Admiral Michael Rogers, and Acting Department of Defense Chief Information Officer, Mr. Terry Halvorsen.

Walorski represents the 2nd Congressional District in Indiana, where she serves as a member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, House Armed Services Committee, and House Committee on Agriculture.

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