Saturday, July 6, 2013

Walorski honors Col. Ray A. Plagens, Jr. of Elkhart for 30 years of military service

ELKHART, IN – In recognition of 30 years of military service, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski presided over a Legion of Merit Ceremony honoring Colonel Ray A. Plagens, Jr. of Elkhart. The Legion of Merit is awarded for outstanding distinguished conduct for exceptional achievements and service.

“It is individuals like Colonel Ray Plagens that epitomize the strength and resilience embodied by our brave servicemembers,” said Walorski, a member of the House Armed Services Committee. “On behalf of Hoosiers, it is an honor to present the Legion of Merit to Col. Plagens and his family for decades of exemplary service and sacrifice to this great nation.”

During the ceremony, Congresswoman Walorski pinned the Legion of Merit Medal on Col. Plagens after reading the formal award citation and provided remarks to highlight his distinguished service record.

Col. Plagens completed 30 years of continuous military service in the U.S. Army, spending nearly nine years on active duty and the remainder in the Army Reserves. A graduate of West Point, Col. Plagens commanded at the company and headquarter levels as a captain and major, also serving in several troop leadership positions as a lieutenant. Most recently, Col. Plagens served on the Army Staff at the Pentagon as a senior US Army Reservist, offering advice in the arena of Combatting Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He lives in Elkhart with his wife, Dr. Julie Plagens, and two daughters, Marisa and Morgan.

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