In the News: Washington Examiner: Republican slams $7.25M IRS contract with Equifax: ‘Abject failure’

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski

Republican slams $7.25M IRS contract with Equifax: ‘Abject failure’

By Joseph Lawler

IRS officials on a scheduled visit to Congress Wednesday bore the brunt of GOP criticism of the agency for Wednesday’s revelation that it awarded Equifax a $7.25 million no-bid contract to maintain taxpayers’ confidentiality.

“This is an abject failure,” said Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind. “This is beyond abject failure, it’s a management failure.”

Walorksi was one of several Republicans to grill IRS officials, including chief information officer Gina Garza, at a Ways and Means Committee oversight hearing on IRS efforts to modernize its information technology.

At issue was the decision to award Equifax the contract as the credit reporting company revealed that hackers had breached the data of 145.5 million Americans. Other congressional committees are scheduled to hold hearings on that breach Wednesday.

“If nothing it shows the IRS structurally needs some reform and needs major change,” Walorski said.

“We have contracts being signed right in the middle of these investigations of the biggest data breach in the history of the country,” she added.

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